Christmas Baking Attack Plan – Week #2 – the Goodie Swap

This week in our Christmas Baking Attack Plan, we’re going to post recipes and how much the recipe yields.

If you remember from my original post, here is what I will be making.  Each item should be linked to its recipe.

If you have a favorite Christmas goodie that you would like to share, please list it in the comments.  Those of us who were still putting our menu together might get some inspiration from one of your recipes!

  • Fudge – yields 1 13×9 pan, which can be cut into many sizes and quantities.  I cut about 32 squares out of one pan, and make two pans total
  • Captain Crunch Candy – This makes about 30 pieces of candy, depending on how big you make them.  Be careful, though, because once your family tastes it, you’re going to be making another batch for gift giving
  • Sugar Cookies – makes about 2 dozen cookies, depending on size and shape of the cookie.  I will also be frosting them with colored buttercream frosting, and will post details about decorating the cookies later this week.
  • Wreath Cookies – these are cookie machine cookies.  I have a Wilton Cookie Pro, and will make small wreath shapes that I will dip into white chocolate and dark chocolate, then sprinkle with holly sprinkles.  I will be making Chocolate Wreath Cookies and Butter Wreath Cookies.
  • Cranberry Nut Bread – one recipe yields four mini loaves.  I will be making one loaf per family receiving a goodies tray.
  • Banana Nut Bread – one recipe yields four mini loaves.  I will be making one loaf per family receiving a goodies tray.

If my linked recipes don’t have pictures, I’ll be making a preliminary round of goodies this week to send to my husband, so I’ll take pictures this week as I make items, and update the recipes.  The cookies have a generic post already, and I will be posting decorating ideas and pictures in a post separate from the recipe itself, but will link here and there.

Please post your recipes!  I love goodies swaps!


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