Easy Christmas Wreath

wreath doorI priced Christmas wreaths sometime before Thanksgiving and was just appalled at what they’re getting for these things.  I was at Garden Ridge, so I looked at a $49 wreath and made one as nearly identical to it as I could.  Here is my cost breakdown:

Fake Pine Wreath; $15 at Big Lots
Ornaments: $2 each at Big Lots – $4
Flowers and pinecones and berries at Garden Ridge: 50% off of $10 – $5

TOTAL: $24

For less than half of what I would have paid for a wreath already put together, I spent less than 10 minutes making my own:

Here are the supplies.  You’ll notice bows there – I didn’t like the way the bows looked, so I didn’t keep them on the wreath.  I have a pine wreath, some poinsetta flowers, some pinecone/berry mix, some small ornaments, and some fake berries.


First, cut the flowers and pinecones and berries off of their bundles.  You’ll need a pair of wire cutters.

cut poinsettascut pinecone

all cut out

Next, lay everything out on the wreath.  Play around with how things look.  Evenly space the bold items (poinsettas) and then add the fillers.

place on wreath 1place on wreath 2place on wreath 3place on wreath 4flowers and cones on wreath

Next, you’re going to put on the ornaments.  Lay them out where you want them without attaching them first, so that you can move them around very easily until it looks right.

ornamentsplace ornament 1place ornamen 2

ornaments 2place ornamens 3place ornaments 4

To attach the ornaments, I used florist wire.

wire for ornamentsstring ornamentstring ornament

And that’s it – you’re all done:



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