I have a pretty good-sized kitchen.  I also have a pretty well-stocked kitchen.  I have just about every appliance or gadget and a well-stocked pantry.

But it doesn’t take every gadget known to man or three different kinds of pepper relish to make good food.  It simply takes good ingredients, the fresher the better, and the confidence to make a dish.

Case in point:

I’m in a hotel room.  I have a kitchen with a 2-burner stove and a microwave.  I also have access to a gas grill.

Here are my pans:

And here are my “pots”:

This drawer is the extent of my utensils for both cooking and eating:

With fresh lamb, some fresh herbs, making do the best I could with the knife and cutting board I had, I was able to make this meal:

With fresh steak and fresh produce, I was able to make this meal:

Don’t let the lack of a large kitchen and gadgets and appliances keep you from cooking, from creating, from enjoying the beauty of food that God has provided.  Just cook.  The freshest, best ingredients will make up for a lot of lack of other things.


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