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The Concession Stand

At the BINGO hall is a concession stand that sells the typical fare – mostly soy hamburgers on white bread, pork hotdogs, chips with nacho cheese, frozen “pizza logs” reheated in a microwave, etc. Consequently, when I get home from the soup kitchen, I usually make a big dinner and take it to feed to the volunteers.



Don’t let the lack of a large kitchen and gadgets and appliances keep you from cooking, from creating, from enjoying the beauty of food that God has provided. Just cook. The freshest, best ingredients will make up for a lot of lack of other things.


Menu Wednesday 02 August 2010

We are currently out of town visiting Birmingham, Alabama, so that my husband can fulfill his military obligations with the Alabama National Guard. We’re in a 2-bedroom hotel suite with a full kitchen, but there is no oven so I’m a little handicapped there. I also didn’t pack pots and pans, because a phone call to the hotel assured me that they had them there. What I have is one frying pan and one large pot. There is also 2 microwave “pots”, but I don’t know how to cook with those. Wandering the hotel grounds, I did find two gas grills out behind the pool. I’m going to inquire today to see if I can use those – which will aid tremendously in the quality of the meals.


Menu Monday 11 January 10

Here’s the menu for my family for the week of Monday, January 10th. As far as desserts go, Gregg is going to make a Gingerbread icosagon with the boys. We found some beautiful blueberries on sale at Kroger this week, so I plan on making a lemon/blueberry cake. I’ll post that recipe as soon as it’s done.

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