Of Course It’s Not Easy! It’s Work!

Posted by Hallee on Aug 31, 2010 in Housekeeping, Life

Homemaking is a job. It requires full time attention. It encompasses a huge amount of responsibility from maintaining a clean home, doing laundry, cooking, caring for children, caring for the spouse, gardening, preserving, etc. etc. For some of us, it also includes homeschooling.


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Giveaway: Kelly the Kitchen Kop’s Real Food for Rookies Course

Posted by Hallee on Aug 30, 2010 in Blog Stuff, Giveaways

I am so excited to be doing the giveaway this month. Kelly at Kelly the Kitchen Kop is a fellow blogger and a dear friend. She has done so much to help me promote my blog that I’m just thrilled to be able to promote something for her.

Kelly is offering one of my readers a chance to take her online course, Real Food for Rookies, for free. This is a $120 value!


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Menu Monday 30 Aug 2010

Posted by Hallee on Aug 30, 2010 in Hallee's Galley, menus & menu planning

Here’s the menu for my family for the week of August 30th. As far as desserts go, I’m going to make a chocolate pudding with fresh cream one night. I think that I’ll also make some DoodleRoo’s Scrumptious Snickerdoodles! We will be going to my nephew’s 3rd birthday, and I’m making some Lightning McQueen cupcakes for that.

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Draft of New Schedule – need feedback, please

Posted by Hallee on Aug 29, 2010 in Blog Stuff

If this were posted as my schedule under my schedule tab, would you be able to read it? Does it make sense to you?


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Creation: Darwinian Evolutionary Frauds Pt. IX

Posted by Gregg on Aug 29, 2010 in apologetics, Christian Faith, Creation, homeschooling

It is a fact that Darwinists eagerly desire evidence that man descended from an apelike ancestor, so much so that they often manufacture the evidence. The fact is that more than a century and a half of searching has not revealed this to be the case, even though millions of fossils have been dug out of the ground and examined by some of the brightest minds on planet earth.



The Power of a Praying Wife – Chapter 10: His Choices

In the course of our discussing it, we discussed the fact that God has placed the husband as the head of the family. Gregg said, “I am responsible for my choices. If I make a bad decision, God is going to say to me, ‘Why did you make this bad decision?’ If I seek your counsel and take your advice, God is not going to say to you, ‘Why did you give bad advice?’ God is going to say to me, ‘Why did you make this bad decision?'”


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Gobble Gobble

Posted by Hallee on Aug 27, 2010 in Budgeting, Hallee's Galley, Housekeeping, Preserving, Stewardship

Several months ago, our local Kroger had turkeys on sale for 59¢ a pound. I checked with Heather at Couponning 101 if that was a good deal, because I typically just shop for meat and staples at the commissary. She told me it was, so I bought two of them.


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Container Gardening Fail

Posted by Hallee on Aug 26, 2010 in Gardening, Hallee's Galley

Well, container gardening was one big failure for me.


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The Dollar Menu

Posted by Hallee on Aug 25, 2010 in Life

Gregg and I watched Food, Inc., last week. The facts presented were interesting, but it was just ridiculous how they twisted things with the intent of eliciting an emotional response. The facts as facts were enough to get the point across without the added exaggeration element. But, I guess that’s how “documentaries” are presented.


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Wordless Wednesday: Just Like Daddy

Posted by Hallee on Aug 24, 2010 in Parenting, Raising boys

Little Boys grow up too fast

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