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Don’t let the lack of a large kitchen and gadgets and appliances keep you from cooking, from creating, from enjoying the beauty of food that God has provided. Just cook. The freshest, best ingredients will make up for a lot of lack of other things.


3 Chores You Should Do Every Night

Evening chores are the hardest. Most of us have put in a long day and our bed beckons. It’s so easy to think that you can tackle it in the morning refreshed and ready for another day. But when you put it off, then you put it off again and put it off again until you’ve lost the control of your environment. If you can accomplish these three chores evening, before retiring for the night, you can keep a handle on your household. These are the three main areas that typically get out of control and bog down our time when it’s time to clean. If they’re already done, then we can focus on the actual cleaning rather than catching up.


3 Chores You Should Do Every Morning

I accomplish these tasks before I even pour my first cup of coffee in the morning. These three chores will take less than 10 minutes out of your entire morning, but they will make a world of difference in how your home feels, and will help set the tone for the entire day.

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Tip: My “New” Stand Mixer

Try replacing the drawer and cabinet door handles or knobs, and the hinges with a nice looking but inexpensive set that will accent the look of the room.

For around $20, you can get a can of countertop treatment which fills in the cuts scratches and dings, and coats the whole counter, making that Formica look better than new in one of 40 possible modern colors.

Rope LED lighting is inexpensive and provides a warm, soft glow under the counter.

Maybe hubby can paint mis-matched appliances to match your other appliances.

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