Kentucky Style Hot Brown

The Famous Brown Hotel of Louisville, KY

Kentucky Hot Brown

The Brown Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky is a 5 star establishment with a 7 star reputation for really incredible dishes. This is a traditional Kentucky turkey sandwich whose name is a nod to that fine establishment.


sliced turkey
12 slices toasted whole grain bread
12 slices tomato
12 slices beef bacon (or turkey bacon), cooked until crisp
1 ½ cups Tasty Turkey Broth (if you don’t have any pre-made, you can use the juice from roasting your turkey)
1 ½ cups whole milk
6 tablespoons unsalted butter
¾ cup whole wheat or all-purpose flour
½ teaspoon ground kosher salt
⅛ teaspoon white pepper
¾ cup Parmesan cheese
dash of paprika


6 oven proof plates
Measuring cups/spoons
Good sharp knives to slice meat and veggies


Toast bread. Arrange 2 slices of toast on each of 6 ovenproof plates. For an authentic flair, diagonally cut toast slices into halves.


In a medium saucepan over low heat, melt butter. Blend in flour; stirring until smooth. Stir in salt and pepper. Gradually add broth and milk.

Continue cooking, stirring constantly, until smooth and thickened. Add grated cheese; simmer for about 8 minutes. Sauce will be quite thick.

Top each slice of toast with turkey slices, cover with sauce, then sprinkle with a little paprika. Top each with a slice of tomato and a slice of cooked bacon. Bake at 400° degrees F for 10 minutes or until sauce is bubbly.


Serves 6

High in selenium NUTRITION FACTS:

Next time you have chicken or turkey, you can follow the instructions in the Tasty Turkey Broth recipe to make a fabulous and rich broth that will keep for a good long while, especially if you store it using my unconventional Perfect Solution for Freezing Broth.

I think the beef bacon has a much richer flavor, but you can also use turkey bacon for an all turkey Hot Brown. I would never recommend using pork, of course. :-)

I would love to hear any feedback about this recipe.  Did you make it?  Did you enjoy it?  Did you make any adjustments to it?


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