Homemade Pasta – So Easy a Four-Year-Old Can Do It

jeb making pastaI love having pasta attachments for my stand mixer.  I can make anything from spaghetti to lasagna to macaroni.  I typically stick with fettuccine or lasagna, though, because they are the simplest to make for me.

When I have pasta on the menu, I have to add about 45 extra minutes to my dinner prep time.  But, I find that the nutrition is well worth the cost of time.  It also tastes incredibly delicious.

I use Kamut to make my pasta.  Kamut is actually a brand name of khorasan wheat, but isn’t classified as wheat.  It’s a close relative of wheat that people with wheat allergies can often tolerate.  Khorasan is believed to be what Joseph stored in Egypt in preparation for the famine that God told him about in his dreams (Genesis 37-46).  It has a higher protein content than wheat, and that’s why I like it for my pasta.

You can see that the Kamut grains are big – much bigger than the wheat berries I use to make my bread.  The flour ends up being almost yellow-ish in color.


It is wonderful to work with, and when I make pasta and have leftover flour, I just use it in whatever I make for breakfast the next morning.  I love the flavor of it.

Here is my BASIC pasta recipe.  I enjoy adding things to it – like blanched spinach – but this is just plain wheat.

3 cups Kamut flour
½ tsp salt (Kosher is best)
1 TBS olive oil
4 eggs

I put the flour, salt, and oil in my food processor.

add oil

Turn it on, and add the eggs one at a time.  After you add the fourth egg, the dough should just come together into a ball.  If it doesn’t, add some water, a little bit (like less than a Tablespoon) at a time until it does form a ball.  It is all dependent on the moisture content of the flour and the size of the eggs.

forms ball

Pull the dough out of the food processor and knead it a few times.  It should feel elastic.

knead pasta dough

Wrap it tightly in plastic wrap and let it sit for about 15 minutes.

wrap in plastic

At this point, you can roll it out with a rolling pin and cut it with a knife, or use a pasta machine.  You can turn it into noodles for soup, dumplings, lasagna, ravioli, spaghetti – whatever you want.  This is just a basic dough.  One recipe makes enough to feed my family of 5 with a serving or two of leftovers.  So, we’ll call it 6 servings.

When I fired up my stand mixer to make this dough into fettuccine noodles to go with the Turkey Sausage Spaghetti Sauce I’d made, my 4-year-old, Jeb, came running into the room.  He wanted to help.  He’s a pro at the pasta machine (as all my kids are), so I just let him go at it and filmed it.  This is unscripted, and impromptu, so I apologize for the unsteady camera and the lighting.

Homemade Pasta So Easy a 4-Year-Old Can Make It:

Then I switched attachments and we just cut it into noodles:

Do you like to make homemade pasta?  If you’ve never tried it before, you might be surprised at just how easy – and how delicious – it is.


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