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COVER_JTcoverwithbadgeThis month, I will have been actively on this course of writing/publishing for one year. Before I began, I was terrified – terrified – of going forward. Whenever I knew someone was reading what I’d written, I’d get nervous, anxious, obsess about hearing back. How in the world I ever got up the courage to hit “publish” on the first book – Sapphire Ice – is nothing short of God’s perfect will pushing me out of any and all comfort zones.

I’m glad I went forward. I’m glad that my books have met with such great acclaim and critique. I’m so happy that this person is telling that person and that person is telling this person and the stories of Robin, Maxine, and Sarah are spreading through the reading communities. It is wonderful and humbling and still a little terrifying.

I woke up this morning to a review on Amazon for The Jewel Trilogy Anthology — which contains Greater Than Rubies — that was so wonderful worded and so uplifting and affirming to me. It makes me anxious and antsy to get the next fiction book published — the first in my Song Series (coming in May, friends!)  I wanted to share it with you:

I’ve been complaining loudly lately that Christian fiction is full of perfect characters who bypass personal growth and development with a single prayer when something goes wrong. Their lives all perfectly fall into place and have no substance or sense of reality about them.Then I stumbled across these books and was so happy to be proven incorrect. I just loved everything about these books. The flawed characters who faced their demons and grew into themselves and Gods love for them, their strength and determination gained through serious prayer and commitment to supporting each other. I laughed and cried and pondered my life. I read all four books in 4 days and can’t stop thinking about them. I’m so glad the wedding was later included – and was even more pleasantly surprised that it also revolved around real life problems, rather than just being a feel happy book. My only criticism is that there are no other books available for this author………I’m eagerly awaiting more!

I know if my books touch just one life and bring just one person closer to God, then that may have been His purpose for me. But, I get notes, reviews, and emails almost daily from people all over the world telling me how much the books affected them on a personal, emotional, or spiritual level. You have no idea how much those notes, reviews, and emails inspire and uplift me.

If you haven’t read them, read them. Greater Than Rubies is free everywhere we could get it free, and will stay free – a sampling of the sisters for you. If you have read them, I’d love to hear from you.


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