Sapphire Ice Vlog!

Posted by Hallee on Dec 22, 2013 in Writing

Here is the video I made for Sapphire Ice, Book 1 of the Jewel Series. I hope you enjoy it and would love to hear your thoughts about it!


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Video Garden Update: Week 5

Posted by Hallee on Jun 1, 2013 in Gardening, Hallee's Galley

I decided to do something a little different this morning and filmed my garden update rather than take a dozen different pictures. Enjoy!


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Homemade Pasta – So Easy a Four-Year-Old Can Do It

Posted by Hallee on Mar 1, 2013 in Breads, entrees, Hallee's Galley, Italian, kitchen & cooking tips, Recipes

When I fired up my stand mixer to make this dough into fettuccine noodles to go with the Turkey Sausage Spaghetti Sauce I’d made, my 4-year-old, Jeb, came running into the room. He wanted to help. He’s a pro at the pasta machine (as all my kids are), so I just let him go at it and filmed it. This is unscripted, and impromptu, so I apologize for the unsteady camera and the lighting.

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The Hows & Whys of Chicken Trussing

Posted by Hallee on Feb 22, 2012 in Hallee's Galley, kitchen & cooking tips

Here is a video tutorial on how to truss a whole chicken. I just used standard kitchen string for trussing. Note: if you want to stuff something into the cavity, I suggest you do it prior to trussing.

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Slice It, Twist It, Pit It, Scoop It

Posted by Hallee on Dec 4, 2010 in Hallee's Galley, kitchen & cooking tips

How to cut an avocado.


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How to Break Down a Melon

Posted by Hallee on Jun 4, 2010 in Hallee's Galley, kitchen & cooking tips

This method will work for any melon, any size. It’s wonderful for the big watermelons, because you can get them cut up very quickly.


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How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

Posted by Hallee on Apr 29, 2010 in Housekeeping

Video on how to fold a fitted sheet.

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