Kelly’s BBQ Sauce

Kelly’s BBQ Sauce

Found on Kelly the Kitchen Kop’s website

About ¼ cup brown sugar or honey
Juice from 2 organic lemons
2 TBS raw apple cider vinegar
1 24 oz. bottle of organic ketchup
2 TBS mustard
½ tsp onion powder
3 TBS Tamari (fermented soy sauce)
Kosher or Sea salt to taste — do not use iodized salt
½ tsp paprika
You need a big mixing bowl or a stand mixer makes short work of it.
Use glass jars to store the leftover sauce if possible. Plastic generally does not keep the sauce well since it is porous.

This makes a lot of sauce, you may want to halve the recipe. Mix it up well, do lots of taste testing and play around with it until you like it.


Mix all the ingredients and taste. Add small amounts of whatever is needed until the taste suits you.


About a quart.

Very high in vitamin C
High in vitamin A
Very low in saturated fat
No cholesterol

This is great on hot-wings, too.

Gregg reconstituted about ¼ cup raisins in some of the vinegar and then blended it into a raisin paste which he added to this recipe.  It gave the sauce a much more “traditional steak sauce” type flavor and added some body.  It tasted great on the root beer barbecue beef sandwiches.


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