How to Make a Lattice Topped Pie

Lattice topped pies do nothing more than to make a pie visually appealing.  You can perform the same function of creating a vent within the pie with several slits cut into the top crust of pie, or using a pie bird.  However, I’m a big fan of visually appealing food, and I think that some pies (i.e. cherry pies) require the extra effort to make them taste better.  (kidding) (well, mostly kidding)

This may be something I need to Vlog.  If these instructions aren’t clear, then please let me know and I’ll video it.

Make a 2-crust pastry.  Shape half of the pastry into the bottom crust and place in pie pan, filling with your desired topping.  This particular pie is a cherry pie.

Roll a section of the remaining pastry into a rectangle.

Using a pizza cutter, or a sharp knife, cut strips.

Place one strip across the top of the pie, and another strip down the right side of the pie.

Lift up the top strip and place another strip horizontal to the one on the right side.  This way, the end of that strip is under the one across the top, and the one next to it is on top of the strip across the top, creating a basket weave.

Lift up the strip you just placed on there, and place another strip horizontal to the one on top, so that it is under this one but over the one to the right.

Continue with this pattern, lifting strips and gently replacing them as you need to create the basket weave until all of the strips are in place.

Trim the ends and fold them under the edge of the bottom crust.  Crimp the bottom crust and the ends of the strips together.


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