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Grinding Your Own Beef

But, beyond making homemade sausage, we also use it to grind our own beef (or, really, we could use it to grind any meat.) We purchase roasts when they go on sale and grind them as soon as we get home. Why go through all that trouble when we can just purchase meat already ground? I’m glad you asked.

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How to Clean Cast Iron

I use my cast iron skillet to cook with as often as possible. It is wonderful, distributes heat beautifully, and cooks evenly. But, you have to treat it differently when it’s time to wash it.

Here are the things you don’t do with cast iron:

don’t wash with soap
don’t use steel wool or any other kind of really abbrassive material
don’t put it in the dishwasher
don’t let it air dry

I wash mine with Kosher salt.

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Freezing Sweet Peppers

My garden is exploding with sweet peppers now. I’m getting all different colors – orange, purple, green. I can’t pick them fast enough.

The easiest way I’ve found to preserve them is to simply freeze them. The problem is, though, that they’re full of liquid. So, if you sliced them and tossed them into a freezer bag, what you’ll end up with is a big frozen ball of peppers all stuck together.


Tip: Handling Hot Peppers

Hot peppers contain an nutrient in them called capsicum. Capsicum is what creates the burning sensation in your mouth when you eat something that’s made with hot peppers. It can also burn your skin. When you pick peppers with your bare hands, the capsicum can get on your skin and burn. If you touch your eyes or your mouth with the capsicum on your skin, you can actually get burns that need to be treated medically.


Tip: Baking with Evaporated Milk

I grew up in a family of six. Other than my mom, we were all big milk drinkers. Our household went through a gallon of milk every day.

When my mom baked, she never used the milk out of our gallons – she always used canned “evaporated milk.” It’s how I grew up baking.

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