Dear Hallee: Drying Sheets

I absolutely DESPISE washing bed sheets because inevitably they always end up wound in a ball with stuff inside and still wet. Do you have any tricks to fix this problem?

For a stupidly expensive price (quick online glance gave me a figure of about $18.99) you can get some “dryer balls” and put them in the dryer with the sheets, they will keep the sheets from balling up in each other while they spin around in the dryer.

But, I have a much more economical trick.

Tennis balls.


Place your sheets in the dryer.

I’m pretty sure Jeb’s cuteness doesn’t have anything to do with the effectiveness of the tennis balls.  It’s just an added bonus.

Throw in a few tennis balls.  I use 3.

That’s it.  They’ll bounce around inside your dryer as the drum spins and keep the sheets from balling up in the process.

From what I understand, they’ll keep pillows from clumping up, too.

Once your sheets are dry, check out my vLog on How to Fold a Fitted Sheet and my trick on Storing Sheets.



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