Powdered Laundry Detergent

Posted by Hallee on Dec 9, 2013 in Housekeeping, Life

One of the most popular posts on this blog is my Homemade Laundry Detergent. It is so popular because you can wash laundry for the cost of about $1.06 per 64 loads of laundry.

Well, you have to make that soap ahead of time and let it gel up overnight. Which is cool when you’re paying attention. Not so cool when you lose track of how little soap is in the bottom of the container.

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Hallee the Working Homemaker

Posted by Hallee on Oct 15, 2013 in Housekeeping

I had someone recently suggest that I could no longer have a blog titled “Hallee the Homemaker” now that I work full time.


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Cornstarch for Ironing

Posted by Hallee on Oct 24, 2012 in Housekeeping, Life

I have discovered a new and much much easier way to starch his shirts. I use cornstarch.

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Dear Hallee: Drying Sheets

Posted by Hallee on Apr 26, 2012 in Housekeeping

I absolutely DESPISE washing bed sheets because inevitably they always end up wound in a ball with stuff inside and still wet. Do you have any tricks to fix this problem?


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Short Cuts

Posted by Hallee on Mar 16, 2012 in Blog Stuff, Writing

Now, though, I’m sitting with the boys running around fighting with light sabers, bread is rising, laundry is washing, and a turkey is cooking in the roaster. I have to force this time on the computer — because there are so many other things around me that require my attention.


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Just Keeping It Real

Posted by Hallee on Dec 13, 2011 in Housekeeping, Life

I have a schedule for a reason. It works best when I stick to it. I don’t really know what happened. Last weekend, I was pretty sick with a bad cold, upper respiratory thing. Monday all day I spent at a cardiology appointment then Gregg and I went Christmas shopping.


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Wash It, Dry It, Fold It, & Put It Away

Posted by Hallee on Nov 1, 2011 in Housekeeping

I have an issue with laundry.

Actually, I hate laundry.


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Homemade Fabric Softener

Posted by Hallee on Jun 15, 2011 in Housekeeping, Stewardship

I’m telling you, this was so easy that I cannot understand why I didn’t do this before.

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Storing Sheets

Posted by Hallee on May 17, 2011 in Housekeeping

In the comments section on my Vlog of How to Fold a Fitted Sheet, one of the commenters talked about folding the pillow cases in with the fitted sheet. This got me thinking about an easy way to store sheet sets.


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This is the Time of Year…

Posted by Hallee on May 10, 2011 in Gardening, Hallee's Galley

…that floors go unswept, dishes sit in the dishwasher, and laundry is lucky to make it from washer to dryer before having to be re-washed. That ground gets tilled, seeds get planted, and flower pots and beds get filled.

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