This is the Time of Year…

…that floors go unswept, dishes sit in the dishwasher, and laundry is lucky to make it from washer to dryer before having to be re-washed.  That ground gets tilled, seeds get planted, and flower pots and beds get filled.

It’s also the time of year that blog posts become a little bit sporadic.  If I had taken Spring Break as was my plan, and caught up on blog posts, written and saved a ton of them like I did last year, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.  But, as it is, I took the week all the way off and came home rested, refreshed, and nothing in my queue.

Consequently, here I am, putting in the garden, planting flower beads, building an herb garden, and not sitting inside on the computer — and reminding myself that I need to go rewash that load that’s been sitting in the washing machine since Sunday.

My schedule will be back up to normal in a couple of days.  The vegetable garden is planted — I just need to get the flower beds and the herb gardens done.

Hopefully, I’ll have pictures for you tomorrow.  And, hopefully, I can finish my book (chapter 20 is all that is left!) and use one of my writing days to queue some of those blog posts so that you’ll never know how out of schedule I get during planting time.



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