Year: 2011

Christmas Town

If you are anywhere near Petersburg, Kentucky, the Creation Museum’s Christmas Town is more than worth the trip. It’s a free event that includes a Bethlehem market (if only we’d known about it and thought ahead – they had some wonderful products that would have made really fun Christmas gifts), amazing lights, and live action dramas that present the story of Christ’s birth. We had a wonderful (albeit cold) time when we went last night.


Maia the Dog

Yesterday, we laid to rest the best dog on the planet.

A Christmas gift for Kaylee when she was 3-years-old, she has been a loving and faithful member of this family for almost exactly 11 years.

There will forever be a hole in our lives – a place where she fit perfectly.


Just Keeping It Real

I have a schedule for a reason. It works best when I stick to it. I don’t really know what happened. Last weekend, I was pretty sick with a bad cold, upper respiratory thing. Monday all day I spent at a cardiology appointment then Gregg and I went Christmas shopping.


Send a Toy to an Injured Child

There isn’t exactly a Toys R Us here, so if you would like to help, please feel free to send a package of goodies and toys for the innocent victims of this conflict. I can’t promise that they will get here in time to go to these 4 children. However, it is the unfortunate reality that these 4 will not be the last children to be cared for by the staff at the Bastion Hospital. My goal is to have them stocked with more toys than they could ever possibly give away.


Surviving Separation: Dealing With It

I’ve been asked by to contribute to a series about celebrating the holidays as a military family. In Holiday Boot Camp for the Military Spouse, listed resources for 26 tips for making this holiday special – no matter where your family is stationed.

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