Send a Toy to an Injured Child

My sister-in-law, a Colonel in the United States Army, shared this information this morning:

On Wednesday, a roadside attack in the Helmand Province killed 19 Afghan civilians and wounded many more. Today I went and visited 4 of the victims at the hospital on the British side of camp. They are children, two boys and two girls, ages roughly between 6 and 12. All have either lost limbs or have other serious injuries. Two lost their mothers but their remaining family members haven’t had the heart to tell them yet. I went with my interpreter to bring them candy and some teddy bears we bought at the BX. I learned that watching a kid smile while hugging a teddy bear transcends and surpasses all language barriers. I asked the nurse if there was anything else I could bring. Toys, coloring books, anything?? She said yes… the hospital has a limited supply of toys because each kid they give a toy to, obviously wants to keep the toy when they leave. There isn’t exactly a Toys R Us here, so if you would like to help, please feel free to send a package of goodies and toys for the innocent victims of this conflict. I can’t promise that they will get here in time to go to these 4 children. However, it is the unfortunate reality that these 4 will not be the last children to be cared for by the staff at the Bastion Hospital. My goal is to have them stocked with more toys than they could ever possibly give away.
Chris Piercy
RCC Leatherneck
Camp Leatherneck
FPO, AE 09372

Please take the time during this season of giving and touch the life of one of these children.  Lt. Piercy has provided his address above.

Let’s flood this hospital with love.

God bless you,


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