“Team Jacob” Cupcakes

A friend’s 8-year-old daughter asked for a “Jacob” cake.  For Kaylee, I could have gone all abstract with bloodly feathers, apples, and stacks of books.  For a bunch of second graders, I had to be a little more inventive.  So, here’s what I came up with:

Take a plain cupcake.  I think maybe chocolate would be better as a finished product, but the yellow cake is good for our pictures.

With a star tip (I used #26), make a mount of Delectable Chocolate Buttercream Frosting in the center.

With the same tip, draw a line from the center mound to the edge.

Repeat until you have covered the cake.

Repeat on top of the first layer of lines on about one-third of the cake to create a “brow”.

Put a regular sized brown M&M on top of the center mound as the nose.

Put two red mini M&Ms on their sides within the brow as the eyes.

Take a gumdrop.  Any kind of red gumdrop, any size, will work.

Cut a piece of it off.  (If you are using a regular sized gumdrop instead of a large one like mine, I would cut it in half.)

Sprinkle a board with sugar.

Roll the piece you’ve just cut around in the sugar until it’s well coated.  Roll it out with a rolling pin.

Shape into a tongue shape as you need to.  Place the tongue under the nose mound.

With a plain tip (I used #6), make teeth with white frosting.


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