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Celebrate Romance with My Most Romantic Book Yet!

Looking through all 8 of my published romance novels, I believe that my most romantic is An Aria for Nick. Nick is such a deep character who has suffered so much in life that you just find yourself rooting for Aria and him to be together so that maybe some of his demons will quiet. As a reviewer said, the romance is sigh-worthy. So, to celebrate Romance Awareness Month, I put An Aria for Nick on sale for just $0.99. That’s a $4 savings.


An Inspiration

“You and your husband are such an inspiration to me.”

I said, “Inspiration?”

“Oh yes,” she said. “I just love watching you two. You fill my heart with such love and joy.”

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National Marriage Week

With this focus on marriage this week, culminating in Valentine’s Day with a focus on sweethearts and love, think about your marriage and your relationship with your spouse. Is there anything you can do special this week to make him feel special? To let her know how much you appreciate her?

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Date Night

A few years ago, Gregg and I were reading a book on marriage by a Christian counselor. In this book, it was recommended that a married couple have a date night once a week.

Once a week?


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