Valentine’s Day Dinner for Two & A Story of Enduring Love

Happy Valentine’s Day!

It is always fun to come up with festive meals for day celebrating the one you love.  This meal is no exception.

Sweetheart Steak for Two, Roasted Fingerling Potatoes, Zucchini Ribbons with Parmesan Cheese Sauce, and a beautiful, light dessert of Floating Hearts.

Enduring Love

Gregg, Kaylee, and I had dinner at a Bob Evan’s in Orlando, Florida one evening.  It was early – about 4:30, but we were traveling home from Chicago and had our meals skewed from flying all day.  This was 2005, the most active year for hurricanes in recorded history, the year Florida was hit was 8 hurricanes, and a lot of people and businesses were still without power.

When we were seated, we were the only ones in the restaurant.  There were two waitresses and a hostess there.  As we were reading our menus, a Cadillac came screeching up and pulled into the handicapped parking space right near the front door.

The waitresses groaned and started bargaining with the hostess about who would get him this time.  The hostess said, “I will be so glad when their power is back on.  I’d give up my power to get him his.”

An older man bounded out of the driver’s seat and rushed into the restaurant.  They called him “Doctor”.  He sat down at a table, rejected it, bounced to another one, rejected it, and finally sat at a table next to the first one.  He nervously polished the silverware that had come in a wrapped paper napkin while he and the waitress went over the list of ingredients in whatever special was happening that day.

While all this was going on, a woman got out of the passenger’s seat of the car, opened the trunk, removed a walker, and started slowly hobbling her way into the restaurant.  The doctor ordered and the waitress came and went while this woman inch by inch made it to the table.

As she sat down, her husband never spoke a word to her.  She calmly sat there while the waitress came and got her order and left again.

We were served, but were fascinated and couldn’t help but watch this strange couple.

When their plates came, the wife picked up her fork and started eating.  The man tried, but his plate wasn’t level.  It rocked a little bit, and hit the table with a light “click.”

He finally threw his fork down, then grabbed the plate with both hands and started rocking it back and forth on the table, click-bam-click-bam.  As he did this, his wife, without even looking up from her meal, slid a stack of napkins toward him and timed their arrival just has he tipped his plate up.  The napkins slid right under the plate and leveled it, keeping it from bamming back onto the table.

She didn’t look at him, he didn’t acknowledge her.  He just picked up his fork again and started eating.

Now, that’s a steadfast love there.


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