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Dear Hallee: “Help!”

I’m embarrassed to say how long ago I received the following letter – several weeks at least. I read it, and started mulling over it and just never got back to it. It took me a while to decide how to respond, and then it took me a while to decide to respond here. The subject line in the email was “Help!”


Tuesday Morning Survey

I’m working on re-doing my schedule in a major way. Gregg home full time and working a “regular” job, Kaylee in high school, Scott starting preschool, the end of our homeschool plans — it’s making me overhaul what I do and when. Since I’m in the process of that, I figure I might as well do the overhaul here that I planned to do in the future, too.



I haven’t always been afraid of spiders. My mother is and always has been, but they never really scared me. At least, until my senior year of high school, when my friend, Robbie, took me to see the movie Arachnophobia. That movie scared me.


Menu Monday 17 AUG 2011 – Gregg is Home to Stay!!

Here’s the menu for my family for the week of August 17th. We pick my husband up tonight at the airport and he is home to stay! From now on, my menus will be for our entire family! As far as desserts go, this week I will be making Stuffed Red Velvet Cookies for my husband, and a batch of Hershey’s Mini-Kisses cookies for Kaylee’s school lunch. I also have a big batch of pears from a friend at church, so I’m going to attempt a Pear Tart, and will hopefully be posting that recipe soon!

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Monday Morning Survey IV

I have had the hardest time coming up with a two-year blog-iversary post for tomorrow (August 9th). I’ve thought of and rejected dozens of ideas. Nothing seems “it”.

Then I thought – I’ll do a question-answer! That will be fun! And, if I get too many questions for tomorrow’s post, I’ll just make other blog posts about them!


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