Passing the Mantle

I am across the country from my home, attending my grandmother’s Celebration of Life.  School and work commitments made it impossible for me to bring Gregg and the kids (I have such a homeschool heart – I was tempted to pull them out anyway).

I spent quite a bit of time developing a menu for them for the week.  Kaylee is more than capable in the kitchen, but cooking one meal a week versus cooking for a week straight are two different things entirely – especially when you’re a 16-year-old.  kaylee menuShe and I worked together to create a menu that wouldn’t overwhelm her…and I made a few concessions that I wouldn’t make for myself.  For instance, I bought spaghetti noodles, where I would make my own pasta.  And, I bought some organic boxed mac & cheese and some organic tater tots to go with hot dog night.  But, for the most part, the menu is homemade, real food.

I then spent a couple of days prepping for her.  I made a double recipe of chili and cornbread last week – then froze the remaining half.  I made lasagna and had leftover lasagna on the menu.  I made four loaves of bread – two daily breads and two French breads.  I made refried beans and put together some taco seasoning.  Between the prep and the planning of meals that she already makes with confidence (like roasting a whole chicken), the family will be well fed while I’m gone.

It’s amazing to me how one minute you’re reaching for her hand in the parking lot and the next minute she’s 16, driving, and cooking for the family while you’re not home.  It’s hard to imagine how quickly time has gone by since my baby girl was actually a baby.  I’m so proud of the young woman she’s become.

Now if I could find a magic laundry genie to take care of THAT while I’m gone…heh.



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