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MSG on Fresh Produce?

Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) is baaaaaaaaaaaaaad. Bad, bad, bad, bad. Don’t consume it. Read labels and make sure that nothing you feed your family contains MSG. Among other horrible things (along with damaging the retinas in eyes, causing obesity, messing with the reproductive system) is that it’s a neurotoxin. That means that it’s poison for the brain.


Newsletter Signup & Giveaway

The next newsletter will be going out on February 4th! Since Facebook only allows about 50-60 people out of the over 2,050 who have “liked” my page to even see what I post, and since Twitter and Google+ are very “noisy” and hard to pick out actual meat, I generate a monthly newsletter and sending occasional email alerts. So that you don’t miss announcements and news, you can sign up for that by entering your email address in this box below.


Facebook Sucks Follow-Up: Homemaking with Hallee on Google+

In a follow-up to my Facebook Sucks post, I decided to make a move.

A new feature on Google+ is communities. As soon as it started, I became a member of a number of writers’ communities. I did a search recently for “homemaking” within the communities and only found 5 — three of which were private groups. So, I thought, why not start one? Obviously, there’s a hole there.

So I created a community on Google+. I would LOVE for this to become more than just a place for me to share – my vision is for it to become a regular hangout for homemakers, homemaking bloggers, wives, moms, and just friends in general.

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I KNOW he is a miracle among miracles. I KNOW the fact that he can see, hear, comprehend — those are miracles.

After being open about some issues with him and the problems we’ve had with schools, and the process we’ve gone through and such, I get a lot of inquiries from family, friends, and readers about how he’s doing.


Facebook Sucks

I’m pretty much done.

In the past, I often encouraged conversation on all of the social media sites, but Twitter and Google+ are full of so many people that your voice is just a whisper in the crowd. Now on Facebook, where it used to be fun to spark conversation, they have effectively shut the door in your face and blocked you from the crowd.

I’ve developed a newsletter sign-up, where I will announce book news. And, I have this blog and my writing blog. But, as far as major social media interaction, it just can’t happen anymore because Facebook isn’t allowing it to happen. If you want to make sure you don’t miss any news or any posts, my suggestion is to subscribe to emails where you will get the blog in your email account the morning it posts and sign up for my newsletter.


Refrigerator Shelf Trick

At any given time, this is what the inside of my refrigerator looks like. Good or bad, I’m not going to pretend that the shelves of my fridge stay spill-free. I’m not even going to pretend that I catch or see every spill that happens. I will share with you this super neat trick that I use to make keep the fridge shelves clean much much easier on me.

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Menu Monday 14 JAN 13

Welcome to my weekly menu!

This week is going to be a low-key week for me. Because my 6-year-old was sick with the flu all last week, I lost a week of working (I don’t work when my kids are home). Thankfully, I’d had several blog posts already queued, so the blog went without a hitch. But, the surprise book I want to release on February 14th is really getting to crunch time. If you wanted a copy of my Budgeting Spreadsheet, make sure you leave a comment in the post. I also wanted to thank everyone for the amazing responses to With Fear & Trembling.

The “rules” of our household diet can be found in the tab above labeled Hallee’s Galley and further explained in Our Diet.

I usually serve leftovers for lunch the next day, or we’ll save them during the week to graze lunch on the weekends. We try to have a few meals a week vegetarian (see my post on eating meat) and eat fish at least one meal a week. One meal a week is usually a “Dinner Out” meal.

Almost all of the breads are homemade using fresh milled flour. I’ll continue to link to my recipes as I post them. Our daily bread is Whole Wheat Honey Oatmeal Bread.

Here’s the menu for my family for the week of January 14th. As far as desserts go, it’s rainy and cold outside as I type this, so that puts me in the mood for some sort of steamy hot fruit cobbler. I also made some Apple Fritters Sunday morning for breakfast. Oh my, they were good. Kaylee has asked me to add them to the standard weekly meal.


Budgeting Spreadsheet

If you want this template to use, leave a comment here asking me to email it to you. When you leave a comment, if you input it correctly in the form, I’ll have your email address. Don’t ask on the Facebook page or in an email to me — if we do it all here in the comments, then I’ll be able to keep up with who got it and who didn’t.

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