Facebook Sucks

When Facebook went public and basically lost their shirts, they changed the way “business” sites were able to communicate on Facebook.  Basically, if we want to be seen by our “fans”, we need to pay for the privilege.  As I write this, 2,050 people have “liked” Hallee the Homemaker’s Facebook page.  Yet, check out the number of people who viewed this post (on the bottom left of the picture):

28.  Out of 2,050, only 28 people saw it.

Here’s another:

That one was seen by 50 people.

This one was my standard, “here’s the post for the day” Facebook post:

It got seen by 140 people.

Here is one I PAID to have promoted:

Because I paid, they allowed one-fourth of the people who have “liked” my Facebook page to see this post.

I’m pretty much done.

In the past, I often encouraged conversation on all of the social media sites, but Twitter and Google+ are full of so many people that your voice is just a whisper in the crowd.  Now on Facebook, where it used to be fun to spark conversation, they have effectively shut the door in your face and blocked you from the crowd.

If I were a different kind of blogger, I’d ask you to “like” every post, comment often on Facebook, and increase my exposure that way.  But, I know that you have lives, too, and that is just way more work than it’s worth.

I’ve developed a newsletter sign-up, where I will announce book news.  And, I have this blog and my writing blog. But, as far as major social media interaction, it just can’t happen anymore because Facebook isn’t allowing it to happen.  If you want to make sure you don’t miss any news or any posts, my suggestion is to subscribe to emails where you will get the blog in your email account the morning it posts and sign up for my newsletter.  Because, while I will still maintain the Facebook account, I can’t guarantee that you’ll get to see anything on it.



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