Dear Hallee: Moldy Plastic Containers

dear hallee notebookI know that you can answer this question for me…. If you have something in Tupperware [or any other plastic storage container] and it gets moldy, is it safe to keep the Tupperware or toss it?

This is a good question, and something any of us who really just hate cleaning out our refrigerators encounter on an all-too-often basis.  Depending on my mood at the time of cleaning out the fridge, I’ll either toss containers into the trash arbitrarily, or go through the process of emptying them out (yuck) rinsing them off, and appropriately cleaning them.

What do I mean by appropriately?  The thing is, just standard washing in hot soapy water isn’t going to clean the mold out of your container.  So, the answer to your question is: You can keep it, but you need to kill the mold.

moldy tupperwareThe best way to do this is to fill it with a half vinegar/half water solution and let it sit for a week, then wash it really good.

Use vinegar and not another kind of cleaner (like bleach), because plastic is porous and will soak up what you put into it. Vinegar kills almost all molds and is non-toxic, so it won’t matter if the plastic soaks it up.



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