MSG on Fresh Produce?

campbellMonosodium Glutamate (MSG) is baaaaaaaaaaaaaad.  Bad, bad, bad, bad.  Don’t consume it.  Read labels and make sure that nothing you feed your family contains MSG.  Among other horrible things (along with damaging the retinas in eyes, causing obesity, messing with the reproductive system) is that it’s a neurotoxin. That means that it’s poison for the brain.

A percentage of the population has an immediate adverse reaction to MSG upon consuming it.  My sister is one of those people.  When she eats MSG, she gets horribly ill.  When she eats something new and has a reaction, she immediately reads the label of the package and finds what new name they’re calling MSG to hide it (which happens ALL THE TIME – click the link to see all the MSG names.)  And, it’s in everything, from Doritos chips to Campbell’s soups and everything in between.

Most recently, she’s had a reaction to fresh produce from Wal-Mart.  Now, I’m not saying that Wal-Mart is spraying their produce with MSG to make it have a longer shelf life because I don’t know that they are and an internet search revealed nothing either way.  I just know that my sister, who is highly sensitive to MSG, can’t eat fresh produce from Wal-Mart.

So, take what you want from that and be careful about the source of what you purchase from where.

Instead of a mega department store grocery chain, local farmers markets are probably the best choices for shopping for produce.


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