Shifts and Changes

I appreciate everyone’ s continued support and patience over the last several months.  I realize my posting has been sporadic and not really too “meaty”.

I told you in You Can’t Do Everything that I was really just struggling with finding the time to blog.  A tiny little part of me just really didn’t want to, either.  I think that comes from nearly three years of doing it almost every day.

So, I allowed myself a break.  Some weeks I did post something every day of the week, but lately I haven’t.

In the meantime, I’ve released a trilogy of books.  That has been and continues to be rather consuming and absolutely exhausting.

Long ago, when I was pregnant with Scott, Gregg and I talked about how I would not work when he was born.  It wasn’t a discussion that started with, “When the baby is born, will you quit your job?”  It was more of an unspoken understanding.  “When you quit your job…”  In fact, Gregg didn’t want me working once we were married.  But, Kaylee’s dad was (and still is) a deadbeat, and I felt uncomfortable not having an income and having Gregg be the sole support of a child that is not his (though, Kaylee IS his in every way that counts and no one doubts it.)

Homeschooling was another understood.  There was never a time when we sat down and said, “Here are our education options…”  It was more of, “When the boys start school, what homeschooling curriculum do we want to use?”

So when we were led – and I don’t say that lightly – to quit homeschooling Scott and place him in the preschool operated by our church, we were extremely curious as to why.  Why place him in a school?  The answer became readily apparent when we felt led – and again I don’t use that term lightly – to publish my books.

OUR plans were for me to focus on home and children, homeschooling them and remaining the primary influencer in their lives.  GOD‘s plans superseded that.  As they should.

So, we placed Scott in school, part time, and I started the path of publishing. We put out three books, 4 weeks apart.  That is by no means the end, though.  More books are coming and I am now defining myself as a “full time novelist and blogger” rather than “homemaker”.  Who knew, right?

Both boys will start at our church-based school in August, full time.  Jeb will enter 4K, and Scott will enter Kindergarten.  I’ll have the hours of 8-3 to focus on what we now consider my job — writing and blogging.  Homemaking duties, to include the massive garden we have planted this year, will take place after 3PM.  I have been working tirelessly on a schedule that I think will work and allow me to keep my sanity.  Because, despite everything, my household must still run to my standards, food must be quality whole food prepared to my standards, and I still need to take care of my husband and children.  As much of a schedule geek as I am, I honestly cannot wait for school to start so I can get the schedule implemented and see what works and what doesn’t and work the kinks out to get it posted and help other working moms.

I am excited to get Hallee the Homemaker back up to what it was before I took a  (desperately needed) semi-break.  The ideas for posts just come and come — I simply haven’t had the time to actually focus and concentrate and put things together.  If we can get me through the months  of June and July (where my “free” time will have to continue to be spent focusing on the next book coming out rather than blogging) then we’ll be back up and rolling!

I’m quite excited!  I hope you are, too.



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