The Garden: Week 10

I cannot believe that 9 weeks have passed since I did a garden update!

I have been so busy with book releases and writing that gardening got put off to just now.  Since we’re on vacation next week, I needed to just stop everything this week and get the garden planted.

We have a plot at our church.  This is the first time we’ve done that, and I’m LOVING the size of my plot!

Last week, we planted about 20 rows of Three Sisters style corn, green beans, and winter squash (a combination of butternut, acorn, spaghetti, and pumpkin).  So far, only beans have come up.

Then I did 10 rows of just corn, 10 rows of just beans, 2 rows of spinach, one row each of lettuce, basil, dill, cilantro, and parsley.  Then I planted 13 rows of 9 tomato plants each, and 6 rows of 9 green pepper plants each.

The only problem with it at this point is that I’m totally reliant on rain to water it.  I would love to set a sprinkler and just soak all those seeds and new plants.

My peas that I planted in Week 1 are growing tall.  No pictures, though, because I haven’t weeded in forever and you’d have a hard time even seeing the peas.

We still need to finish the backyard garden, with our summer squash, hot peppers, more tomatoes, maybe some onions, and some watermelon.

So, how does your garden grow?



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