Valentine’s Day Treats for School

This is a post from last year.  It’s full of great ideas your elementary child can help you with for Valentine’s Day treats.

I had planned to spend some baking time this week with the camera and some goodies ideas, but Hoosier Homemade is having a carnival for Valentine’s Day ideas so I’m pulling out some old pictures today.

These treats were made for Kaylee’s 4th grade teachers and school administrators — so, 3 years ago.  They weren’t designed to offer any kind of tutorial in how to do them, so I apologize for that, but they give you an idea of how easy it is to put together something personal, something special for those people in your life whom you want to gift with Valentines.

I made sugar cookies and tinted the dough with red food coloring, then cut out hearts.  Then I simply used the star tip and white buttercream frosting and outlined the cookies.  This is SO EASY and SO SIMPLE, but when put together with other treats provides a lovely addition.

I also made a white cake recipe, puree’d a pint of strawberries in the blender and added that to the liquid (cutting the amount of milk included in half) and made pink cupcakes.  Those I frosted with tinted buttercream and let Kaylee decorate with Valentine’s Day sprinkles.

The cookies and the cupcakes were put together in these Valentine’s Day buckets that I paid $1 for at the Dollar Tree.  We then covered them with plastic wrap and gave them to all of Kaylee’s special area teachers and school administrators.

She had two teachers in 4th grade.  Each teacher received a bouquet of cookies and candy.

Using lollipop molds, I made chocolate hearts that were accented with white chocolate I had dyed red.

Using wooden skewers, I baked sugar cookies cut into flowers and hearts and butterflies and then decorated them with tinted buttercream frosting.

You need to make extra cookies on the sticks, because not all of them stand up to being handled and will fall off the sticks – luckily, I had about an arrangement’s worth of extra made, and used about half of those.

In the bottom of each flower pot, I put floral foam and used that as the base in which to stick the lollypop sticks and skewers – making a cookie and candy arrangement.  I then added some silk greenery.  It looks very complex, but it was actually very simple to do – just time consuming to decorate all of the cookies.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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