The Pummelo

I love discovering new fruits and vegetables.  I’m pretty adventurous with it, and have found some new favorites through the process.  Which, on its own can be frustrating at times.  In the summer of 2005 Kaylee and I tried and fell in love with a sprite melon.  We ate one in Montgomery, Alabama, and one in San Antonio, Texas.  Since then, we have been unable to find them anywhere.  But, as soon as melon season comes around, I start hunting for them.

My newest discovery was a pummelo.  Shopping in Whole Foods last week, I saw a large display of them.  They caught my eye because they’re huge – easily double the size of a large grapefruit, if not more.

It smelled like a grapefruit, so I bought one and took it home.

Here it is next to a baseball-sized orange so that you can see the size comparison.

The pummelo is native to Asia  but is now grown in many tropical climates.  I’m surprised I never discovered it during all of my years in Florida.

The rind is thick and has a thick layer of pith between it and the fruit.

The taste is kind of like a non-bitter, sweet grapefruit.  It will definitely grace my table in the next citrus salad I make for a breakfast or a brunch.

It was good to eat alone, just as a snack.  But in my quest to discover what there is to know about the pummelo, I came across several recipes that included avocado.  So, I decided to create a Pummelo Avocado Salsa.  It was really, really good.

Also during my research, I discovered that the Chinese often make Candied Pummelo Rinds.  These were very good and definitely something that I will be making again.

All in all, a wonderful discovery!


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