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Finding Balance

I started typing the words, “I’m a homemaker…” when I realized that wasn’t right. Well, it IS right, it just isn’t complete. For the first time in my life, I wrote the words, “I’m a full time writer who manages two blogs and writes Christian romance novels.”


The Language of Touch

My oldest son’s love language is absolutely touch. There is no doubt about it. He rubs, strokes, touches, hugs, feels constantly. When he sits next to me, he’ll grab my hand and put it on his head so that I’ll rub his head.

So, whenever I find that I have a free moment and I happen to be sitting down, you can almost bet that Scott will be in my lap.

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Seeing the Negative Space

Our son Scott is a remarkable boy. He remembers everything, and makes correlations and comparisons in things you wouldn’t think a 5-year-old could possibly understand. He is extremely loving and needs to touch constantly, sitting in your lap or touching your face when he’s talking to you. He is an absolute joy and a miracle from God, surviving being born 10 weeks early, weighing just 3 lbs. 5 oz. at birth, but thriving despite all of his odds.

But, there is something outside of the realm of “normal” about him.



On Monday, Kaylee has softball conditioning for two hours and Tuesdays are horseback riding lessons. This past Monday she really worked out at softball conditioning. She was worn out Monday night. Tuesday morning she could barely move. Tuesday afternoon, I got a text from her that said that she was so sore she couldn’t walk. I texted her back and said that she still needed to go to horseback riding lessons and at least try. My thought was that her muscles would warm up once she was on the horse.


Sunday Viewing

Our rule for Sunday viewing is this: it must be a Bible story, or about God or the Bible in some way. We have a HUGE movie selection, and a big portion of our movies are God focused, so there is no problem finding something to watch. We love it when the kids pick something that is a specific Bible story, but we’re happy with Veggie Tales or similar programming. Kaylee has several Christian themed teen appropriate movies and documentaries, and Gregg and I could watch the documentaries, video studies, and movies we have for a solid month and not put a dent in our choices.



I’ve had so many people ask me how the transition of Gregg being home has gone. This past weekend, while Gregg had drill in Alabama, the kids and I visited my parents in West Virginia. At church Sunday, their pastor asked me how married life was treating me – as if we were newlyweds. It made me laugh. It also made me want to share this.


This, Too, Shall Pass

My friend, Angela, has three little boys. Her oldest is in kindergarten and her youngest is one. Her middle boy has Down’s Syndrome and is extremely high maintenance. Angela, though, is wonderful and handles all of the challenges in her life with such grace that she inspires even the most weary of moms around her. She blogs with humor and amazing depth at her blog My Three Sons.


Cybil & the Fiero

Hi from Ft. Wayne, Indiana. We drove the 280 miles last night, arriving at 11 PM, so that Gregg could buy Kaylee a Fierro. She’s 14, and he plans to spend several months rebuilding it with her, teaching her all about the inner workings of a car. By the time it’s finished, and she’s old enough to drive it, she’ll be in a classic 1985 sports car that’s safe and gets good gas mileage. He is so excited.

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