Cybil & the Fiero

Hi from Ft. Wayne, Indiana.  We drove the 280 miles last night, arriving at 11 PM, so that Gregg could buy Kaylee a Fiero.  She’s 14, and he plans to spend several months rebuilding it with her, teaching her all about the inner workings of a car.  By the time it’s finished, and she’s old enough to drive it, she’ll be in a classic 1987 sports car that’s safe and gets good gas mileage.  He is so excited.

She didn’t know why we were traveling.  She just said to us, “I want us to do something fun for Labor Day.  Where should we go?”

Gregg responded with, “How about Ft. Wayne, Indiana?”

She thought he was being “random”.  I think he’s wonderful and I love him a million times more than I did when I woke up yesterday.

I don’t know if they bought it or not.  I have the boys at the hotel while they went to the dealership, and I’m writing this from the hotel room.  Hopefully they did.  It’s very fun.


They got it!  Here is Kaylee with her new car:

In other news, our 18-month-old puppy, Cybil the Shepherd died.  She hanged herself on the tie chain in the backyard.  Our back fence was rotting out and the dogs learned they could actually bust holes through it.  We had to tie them up until we could get the fence repaired.  Cybil was able to contort her body and chewed through three harnesses in a week.  Finally, we just hooked the chain to her collar.

Kaylee is very upset, and the boys don’t really understand quite yet.  Our family could really use your prayers while we work through this sad time.



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