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Even with him 8,000 miles away…

coming home for just a few weeks every 6 or 7 months…

My Gregg still has a “Honey-Do” list waiting on him.


The Best Husband on the Planet

So, a couple of weeks ago, he told me that he mailed me a box and he couldn’t wait for me to get it. (For you new visitors to my blog, Gregg is in Afghanistan.) He just doesn’t have time or opportunity to mail a lot of boxes, so I was excited. For him to have purchased something for me, and be able to work time into his schedule to actually mail it was very intriguing. When I got the box today, it was very small, and my anticipation of what was inside was further piqued.


Blue & Green

Scott is very particular about what is “his”, and he’s very obsessive about it. When he has a cup, it’s his cup, and he simply cannot swap. He’s always been this way, and rather than add to his stress of the week I would be gone, I just made sure that there was a very definite, “This is Scott’s,” and, “This is Jeb’s,” when I packed there things.


Mascarpone Cheesecake with Vanilla Almond Crust

I derived this cheesecake from one I saw on a food show one time. I’m always afraid when I make cheesecake that it’s going to be heavy and dry when it comes out. That’s never happened to me – and this recipe especially is so moist, and so melt-in-your-mouth that during a dinner party Gregg and hosted with four other couples, when dessert was served and everyone took a bite, there was a collective silence, then moan of appreciation. It was amazing and those friends still talk about that dinner party.

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Dressed for Success

He’d said this to me for years – in fact, in an email I received from him a week after I met him, he extolled how much he loved the fact that I put an effort into looking nice. But this time, reading it, I took it as an accusation – as in, “I would appreciate it if you would put an effort into your appearance, but you don’t because you’re fat, ugly, frumpy, limp.”


Stuffed Grape Leaves with Rice & Grated Vegetables (Dolmathakia Yialantzi)

In a Mexican restaurant, my husband, Gregg, will determine whether he’ll be back or not based on the taste and quality of their tamales. I do the same thing with Greek and Mediterranean restaurants and grape leaves. Grape leaves are an absolute favorite dish of mine. You can easily refrigerate any extra stuffing and use it as a side dish for another meal. The lack of meat, dairy, and eggs makes this the perfect dish for Lent or Daniel Fast. And, notice how I’ve given you yet another wonderful dish with which to use up those zucchini come August?

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