Blue & Green

Several months ago, I left the boys with my mom while I went to Boston and worked crew at the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer 3-Day.  I’d never left them before.

Scott is very particular about what is “his”, and he’s very obsessive about it.  When he has a cup, it’s his cup, and he simply cannot swap.  He’s always been this way, and rather than add to his stress of the week I would be gone, I just made sure that there was a very definite, “This is Scott’s,” and, “This is Jeb’s,” when I packed their things.

Cups, blankets, toothbrushes – for Scott they were all blue.  For Jeb, they were all green.

As I tried to explain to my mom the color coordinating, she said, “I hope I can remember which color belongs to which boy.”

I said, “It’s very easy.  Scott has blond hair, so his is blue.  Jeb has red hair, so his is green.”

My mom stared at me blankly.  I turned to my sister who was there with her kids.  “Doesn’t that make sense to you?” I asked.  The answer was a very definite no as she swallowed a laugh.  Then my mom wrote on a piece of paper, “Scott – blue.  Jeb – green,” while my sister made fun of me.

While driving to the airport, Gregg called me.  I said, “If I were to say that something for Scott was blue, and something for Jeb was green, and that made it easy to distinguish what was whose, would you know why I did it that way?”

“Sure,” he said.  “Scott has blond hair and Jeb has red hair.  It makes perfect sense.  Why do you ask?”

Have I told the world today how much I completely love and adore my husband?  How thankful I am to God for bringing us together?  How much I enjoy being married to him?

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