Month: April 2010

And the Winner Is…

So, I got boring on you. I counted the comments, the twitters, the emails, the Google Friends, and assigned numbers to everyone based on order and time of emails, then used to generate the answer.

There were 85 entries total. And the winner is:


Scrumptious Cinnamon Honey Scones with Raisins

I saw this recipe on GNOWFGLINS’ blog. This is a soaked wheat recipe – you soak the wheat overnight in an acid (in this case, apple cider vinegar) so that the phytic acid in the grain is broken down and your body is able to absorb all of the nutrients in the grain. I made this to take to Sunday School for breakfast. I worried that they would be heavy, dense, but they were amazing. They were so light, and melt-in-your-mouth. The original recipe is called “biscuits” but, they seemed more like a scone than a biscuit. They were SO good. My pictures are showing me making a double-batch to accommodate the Sunday School class.

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Ree Drummond – Spider Slayer

I was so excited to get this box in the mail. It contained my copy of Ree Drummond’s The Pioneer Woman Cooks! cookbook which had been on backorder from for a couple of weeks.
I love that a blogger wrote a cookbook that reads just like her amazing blog and is now a #1 New York Times bestselling author. That speaks to me, a writer and a cook and a blogger, on so many levels that I cannot even begin.
Back to my horror story of skill and cunning.


Blog Award: I (Heart) Your Blog Award

These blogs inspire, amuse, fascinate, or challenge. These blogs are as real as their keepers. A few are eclectic and a few are very specific about their mission. Whatever the case, these are Blogs I (Heart).


Menu Monday 26 April 2010

Here’s the menu for my family for the week of April 26th. As far as desserts go, my niece and sister-in-law will be in town, so I’ll definitely do something chocolate, and preferably flour-free (my sister-in-law suffers from a wheat allergy.) I’ve never done one of those flour-free cakes, but if you have a good recipe, I’d love to try it!


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