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Perfect Every Time Hard Boiled Egg

There are as many methods to cook hard boiled eggs as there are people out there telling you how to cook anything. Every cooking show on television has some different trick or quirk about it. I’ll tell you that I’ve tried all of the tips I’ve ever heard, because I’m curious about things like that and want to find “the best way”. But, I always go back to the way my mom taught me, because it works every single time. When I use this method, I always have perfectly cooked hard boiled eggs.

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Tip: The Importance of Measuring

Monday, as I was baking for the week and making both kinds of bread, I pulled out my worn recipes and followed them, carefully, step-by-step. As I did this, I was reminded of something that an ex-inlaw once said to me. She said that I wasn’t a real cook because I measured. She said that real cooks don’t have to measure.


Popcorn? Really?

As I was doing research for purchasing my grain mill, I read all sorts of “don’t do’s.” One of them was don’t try to grind anything that was too hard, including popcorn. But, when I got my grain mill (a NutriMill) the booklet that came with the machine said, “Popcorn will make the best cornmeal you’ve ever tasted.”


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