Perfect Every Time Hard Boiled Egg

There are as many methods to cook hard boiled eggs as there are people out there telling you how to cook anything.  Every cooking show on television has some different trick or quirk about it.  I’ll tell you that I’ve tried all of the tips I’ve ever heard, because I’m curious about things like that and want to find “the best way”.  But, I always go back to the way my mom taught me, because it works every single time.  When I use this method, I always have perfectly cooked hard boiled eggs.

Place your eggs in the pot.  You only want a single layer – don’t stack them.  Cover them with cold water – until they’re covered by at least an inch, preferably more, with water.

Add some salt to the water.  This will keep the egg shells from sticking to the eggs.

Bring to a rapid boil.  A  few lazy bubbles skirting up the side of the pan isn’t boiling.  Don’t start the timer until it’s really boiling.

Once it comes to a full, rolling boil, set the timer for 10 minutes.

After 10 minutes, immediately remove the pan from the heat and put it in your sink.  Run cold water over the pan until all of the hot water is gone and the eggs aren’t warming the water any more.  This is to stop the cooking process.

When the eggs are cool enough to touch, peel them.



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