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I saw a conversation on some social network somewhere where someone mentioned a television show called something like 1900 — where a modern family went to live like it was 1900.  They were commenting about the fact that the wife worked 18 hours a day.

In a way, earlier time periods appeal to me.  I’m especially drawn to the mid 1940’s.  The culture, the clothes, the houses, the decor are all very attractive to me.  I’d love to be surrounded by neighbors who have wives at home, children outside at play, very clearly defined black and white community values.

But then there’s this part of me that considers that on a normal day, I load, wash, and unload dishes into my dishwasher twice a day.  I unload in the morning when I get up, and after lunch, it’s full and needs to be reloaded.  I unload it during dinner prep, and re-load it after dinner.

That’s A LOT of dishwashing.  I’m thankful that I live in an era where I have a machine to do the bulk of my dish washing for me.

I’m also thankful for my small kitchen appliances — the blender, the food processor, even an electric griddle.  (Can you tell the inspiration for this post came while cooking breakfast?)

I could NOT cook the way I cook without my stand mixer.  Well, maybe I “could”, but I wouldn’t “want to.”

Reading about the process for doing laundry in my America’s Housekeeping book makes me even thankful for my modern washing machine, dryer, and iron.

I could also go on and on about my Dyson vacuum cleaner, but that is probably a post for another day.

Without these tools I could easily work  18 hour days.

Now, if we could transport all of my appliances and the electrical upgrades to my house into a neighborhood in, say, 1946, that would be like the best of both worlds!  ~heh~



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