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My Kitchen Help

But then there’s this part of me that considers that on a normal day, I load, wash, and unload dishes into my dishwasher twice a day. I unload in the morning when I get up, and after lunch, it’s full and needs to be reloaded. I unload it during dinner prep, and re-load it after dinner.

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I Don’t Do Chaos Well

When things around me are out of order, I feel out of order and lacking in control. Everything starts to slip. I can’t relax, I don’t feel like I’m capable of accomplishing even minor tasks, and I have way less patience than normal.


My Favorite Cleaning Day

Thursdays are my favorite cleaning day by far. Mondays are a scramble to get our main living areas back in order after a weekend of no chores. Tuesdays are bathrooms and the boys’ room – I don’t think I need to say more. But Thursdays – Thursdays I clean my kitchen.

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