No Menu This Monday!

Happy first week of June to you!

I’m not putting a menu up this week.  Kaylee is in Florida visiting her dad and Gregg is jumping out of airplanes with the Kentucky National Guard and won’t be home until Friday.  Consequently, the boys and I are “baching” it this week.

I have a likely menu of meals…baked chicken legs, spaghetti sauce, Hallee’s Pizza…but I’m not entirely positive what this week will entail. I may or may not be going to visit my parents.  I may or may not be going up to Cincinnati.  Here’s a brief breakdown:

  • While we were in Florida, the dog ate the pull handle off of our lawn mower.  I’ve hired a friend’s son to mow the front yard, but my back yard looks like a jungle – and I’m not exaggerating too much (see the picture I took this morning).  There are these weeds growing through the grass where I used to have a garden that are as high as my knees.  Since we have the plots of land that we’re gardening  at the church, we were just going to let our back yard garden area go back to yard.  Only instead of grass, these weed things have grown.  We thought we’d till the back yard then plant grass seed, but then Gregg’s cousin gave just 100 tomato plants this weekend.  So, I have to get out there today and figure out how to break these weeds down, till the garden area, and plant these plants.
  • My basement looks like a bomb exploded.  It is an actual embarrassment.  I intend to get down there and clean up, purge out, and rearrange so that it’s an organized space again.  Right now my “office” area is the dining room table, since I can’t even get to my desk down there.  That’s not working for me.  Psychologically, I need to have a work space I can enter and work, then exit and leave it behind me.  As I’m busy developing a work schedule for when school starts, I have determined that after 3PM every day, I will turn my computer off until the next day.  The best way that schedule will work for me will be to have my work area removed from our living area in the house.
  • In the last 10 weeks, I’ve launched 3 novels and traveled 1500 miles.  My house looks like it, too.  Little things haven’t gotten done on their normal schedule.  Cobwebs are hiding in the corners of my ceiling, there are still winter clothes in the closets and the boys are getting dressed out of the box of summer clothes, my couches are begging to be shampooed, etc.  I need to deep clean every room.

Gregg asked me what I was going to do this week while he and Kaylee were gone.  I said, “I think I can get a lot of writing done.”

He said, “You’re stressing on [all of the above].  Don’t write this week.  Take care of that, then your mind won’t be on it all anymore and you can relax and just write and maintain it all.

So this is a work week!  And as I hit “publish”, I’m going to get out into my backyard and attack whatever those weeds are so I can get these 100 tomato plants planted!  If it goes quickly, I’m going to get upstairs and deep clean the kids’ rooms.  And, you know, if you’re bored, stop by.  I could probably find something for you to do.  HAHA!



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