Monday Morning Survey II

I REALLY appreciate all of the amazing feedback I got from last week’s survey (which you can still address if you haven’t already).  THANK YOU.  You make me feel very loved.

I knew I had a diverse readership, so I wasn’t surprised so much about the differences of opinion as I was about how thorough and well expressed the diverse opinions were.

Please consider answering today’s survey.  I’m researching public opinion for a post I’m writing for April 1st at Seeds of Faith.

Here is scenario number two.

Your daughter is 20.  Joe is her long-term boyfriend.  You love Joe and his parents love your daughter.

Your daughter is in her second year of community college and is now being pressed for a major.  She finally comes to you and declares with much sincerity that she has no desire to continue college.  She has no desire to pursue a career, feels it is foolish to continue to continue accumulating debt in the form of student loans educating herself for a career she has no intention to pursue, and that she and Joe just want to get married right away instead of waiting two more years.

Joe shares your family’s values.  He is in  college, majoring in a career field which should provide well for your daughter and grandchildren, and consistently on the Dean’s list.

Here is the question:

What is your reaction to  your daughter’s decision?  Please be honest.


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