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I saw Cathy of Cathy’s Creations post a link on Facebook a few days ago with a story about the staggering number of orphans post earthquake/tsunami in Japan.  She said, “I wish there was something I/we could do for these children.”  It got me thinking.

Mind you, this is not a criticism of Cathy.  She is a gift from God to this earth and is the ultimate “do-er”.  If she sees a cause, she does anything she can to help that cause, promote that cause, contribute to that cause – whatever it may be, she’ll find a way.  So, if a week from now, I see that she’s adopting a dozen orphans from Japan, it won’t surprise  me.

Back to my point.  It got me thinking about the song “I Refuse” by Josh Wilson.  He penned the song after the Nashville floods, when he saw the victims and prayed that God would help them.  It occurred to him that he should be DOING something to help them.  Here is a link to the video and his introduction to it.  The song essentially says, “I can’t do everything, but I refuse to do nothing.”

One of the things that impressed me about Kristen at We Are THAT Family is that she saw a need in Kenya and acted on it by opening Mercy House.  She didn’t sit around and wish that something could be done to help the pregnant girls, she decided to do something to help the pregnant girls.  One of the things that impressed me about Lisa at Feeding the Homeless for Jesus was that she didn’t  just feel the cold and feel sorry for the homeless in her community, she got out her pots and pans and started cooking for them, right after doing a thermal underwear drive for them.

So, this is my challenge to you: As you’re watching the tragedies unfold in our fallen world around us, within your community, your state, or even in another continent, don’t fall into the habit of wishing someone could help.

Just do it.

Hand someone who’s cold a coat.  Give someone who’s hungry a meal.  Donate blood to the Red Cross.  Donate money to the Salvation Army.  Collect bottles and send the deposit returns to a homeless shelter.  Send $5 via paypal to Lisa. Collect baby clothes and mail them to The Mercy House.  Go adopt an orphan from Japan.

Whatever YOU can do, just do it.  Almost everyone can do something.  Refuse to do nothing.



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