The Ultimate Travel Skirt

I am a Travel Smith catalog junkie.  I never purchase anything from there – I just read all about the clothes and the shoes and the leather bags and (jokingly) wish I lived a life of a leisurely traveler – A frequent rider of the Orient Express, a regular shopper in the streets of Bombay, an expert at driving a 4-wheel drive through the Serengeti.  Gregg and I often joke about being independently wealthy and traveling the world, homeschooling our children, doing research for our books.

But, I cringe at the costs.  Their clothes are too expensive for what I give myself as a budget for my wardrobe.  So, I just window shop.

When I booked my trip to Abu Dhabi to visit Gregg, I went to Travel Smith’s website and checked the “Clearance” tab.  Imagine my surprise to find their “Ultimate Travel Skirt” marked down from about $80 to about $20.  I couldn’t help myself — I bought one.

Let me just say that when it came in the mail, if I’d paid $80 for it, I would have been disappointed.  The material felt very thin and very cheap, and when I ironed it, I singed it right away.  But, after wearing it for a 20-hour travel day, from Pittsburgh to Paris to Amsterdam to Dubai, this skirt lived up to its promises.

In the very front, and to the inside instead of outside, is a pocket that is wide enough and long enough that my passport and a small ID wallet fit in without even messing up the dress line.  I felt less stress about possibly losing my purse or laptop bag, because my essential identification and money were on my person, and out of the way in a velcro-closing pocket.

The front pockets are deep – my hands fit in probably to mid forearm.  I could even stick my airplane tickets in them while going through security or when I needed a free hand.

I never looked wrinkled and I never felt wrinkled.

My only problem with it is that it was too short.  I’m very tall, and I love skirts that are very long.  This one hit just below mid-calf.

Otherwise, I think it is the ultimate travel skirt.  Not that I’d pay $80 for it, but I was very happy with what I got for what I paid.

[Disclaimer:  This is not an advertisement for Travel Smith.  This is just a response to a reader asking me, “So, how’d you like the skirt?” after I came home from Abu Dhabi.]



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