A Million Bonus Points

Mark Gungor, the host of Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage, talks about a points system that husbands and wives tend to keep in their heads, and how unbalanced they are.  For instance:  A man might say, “I got up out of bed, 5,000 points.  I drove to work, 3,500 points.  I worked all day long, 10,000 points.  I resisted sexual temptation, 1 million points.  I came home, 3,500 points.”  Where the wife will think, “He went to work and came home, 1 point.  He left his towel on the floor, -2 points.”

We laughed until tears came out of our eyes.

Well, recently, my husband managed to rack up quite a few points.  I realize that I titled this a million bonus points.  I’m not sure if I’m giving him a million, or if he is claiming a million – either way, he scored big.

Long ago, I bought a laptop case set that came with the case, a passport cover, a wallet, and a small clutch purse that were all a maroon-ish red alligator skin.  I searched and searched for a briefcase type bag to go with the set, and finally ordered one that was black with the same color “B” embroidered on the front.  You can see it and the clutch purse in this picture.

While shopping in Abu Dhabi with Gregg, we came across this purse.  Gregg saw it first and directed my attention to it, then convinced me to purchase it.  Back story: I LOVE purses.  But, since I no longer work a job that requires me to dress up in business suits and leave the house every day, I refrain from feeding what Gregg calls my “purse fetish”.  Well, I try to refrain.  heh.  Anyway, he convinced me to buy it because it matched my set.

The purse is awesome and I love it.  It is now my daily purse.

So, that alone is worth a few extra points.  But, then, Gregg had to go to Kuwait City on some company business.  While he was there, he went shopping.  I received these in the mail the other day:

Now I cannot wait for summertime.

A million bonus points.

My husband is awesome.  And he loves me.  It makes my heart sing.


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