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The Language of Touch

My oldest son’s love language is absolutely touch. There is no doubt about it. He rubs, strokes, touches, hugs, feels constantly. When he sits next to me, he’ll grab my hand and put it on his head so that I’ll rub his head.

So, whenever I find that I have a free moment and I happen to be sitting down, you can almost bet that Scott will be in my lap.

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A Million Bonus Points

While shopping in Abu Dhabi with Gregg, we came across this purse. Gregg saw it first and directed my attention to it, then convinced me to purchase it. Back story: I LOVE purses. But, since I no longer work a job that requires me to dress up in business suits and leave the house every day, I refrain from feeding what Gregg calls my “purse fetish”. Well, I try to refrain. heh. Anyway, he convinced me to buy it because it matched my set.


Blender Waffles, Smoothies & Sauces, Oh My!

Monday there was no package waiting. Tuesday came and went with no package. Gregg sent me an email Wednesday titled, “Finally!” with the tracking number and information that it would be delivered on Friday. I have been SOOOO curious as to what was coming. Gregg has never been good about keeping a surprise secret for very long, and as far as I could tell, he had dropped no hints whatsoever.


‘Cause They’re Whose Clues? Blue’s Clues!

She babysat for me a few weeks ago on a day she just didn’t feel like babysitting. I had to go to an office supply store while I was out, and I saw this pad of sticky notes. Kaylee’s favorite color is orange. I couldn’t help but buy them. The next morning, this was on my bedroom mirror.

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