A Million Bonus Points

Posted by Hallee on Dec 3, 2010 in Love, Marriage, Romance

While shopping in Abu Dhabi with Gregg, we came across this purse. Gregg saw it first and directed my attention to it, then convinced me to purchase it. Back story: I LOVE purses. But, since I no longer work a job that requires me to dress up in business suits and leave the house every day, I refrain from feeding what Gregg calls my “purse fetish”. Well, I try to refrain. heh. Anyway, he convinced me to buy it because it matched my set.


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The 5 Best Kept Christian Secrets to the Best Sex Ever: Part 4

Posted by Hallee on Feb 19, 2010 in Holy matrimony, Love, Marriage, Sex

Caution: This post consists of a rather frank and forthright discussion of human sexuality in the context of marital intimacy.

The number four important fourth of five best kept Christian sex secret to the BEST SEX EVER is…

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