Spring Has Sprung!

Well, actually it officially sprang Sunday, but this was the first available date for this post.

I love every season as it approaches.  I enjoy snow and winter, I enjoy heat and summer, I enjoy harvesting my garden and autumn…so WHY am I so excited about spring this year?

Because I feel like this is officially the home stretch.  Gregg will be home from Afghanistan by June 28th – no specific date yet but an “I’ll definitely be home by” date.  Which means: I just have to endure one more season without him.

We have one more softball season he’ll miss, one more Spring Break trip he’ll miss, one more child’s birthday he’ll miss.

Remember my calendar that I have hanging on the side of my refrigerator?

One last row and we’re at the end of this year’s calendar and at the end of this separation.


Missing him is getting harder.  I feel more emotionally down with it than I did a year ago or two years ago.  But I feel like the first day of Spring was a goal to trudge toward, and now that we’re here, I just have to hang on and enjoy the ride downhill.  (Of course, if you notice all of the blue writing through these next 2 months, you’ll see our softball schedule – this week will begin 25 double-header games.  I’ll be so busy that time may actually fly.)

So, yay us!



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