Stainless Steel vs. Cast Iron

I have both stainless steel and cast iron frying pans.  I have some things I like to cook in the iron, and some things I like to cook in the steel.  I very very rarely deviate from my preferences.  Some things just seem to cook better with the different metals.

The other day, I made grilled cheese sandwiches.  For some reason, I had my stainless steel frying pan out and for some reason, I used it to make the sandwich.  There was a time, a decade or more ago, when I had a cheep teflon coated frying pan and tried different times to cook grilled cheese with no success.  That’s when I switched to cast iron and never looked back.

I remember thinking as I used the stainless steel skillet that I was going to be unhappy with the results and that I shouldn’t complain when the sandwich didn’t turn out because the cast iron was easily accessible.  But, imagine my surprise when the sandwich not only turned out, it turned out perfectly!

I have only had my good cookware for about two years.  I don’t think I’ve really given the quality of the pans enough credit in my mind.  I may be re-thinking what I reach for as far as pans go in the future and start trying things out in the stainless steel for which I normally use the cast iron.

I wonder how fried chicken would do?


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