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Unintended Sabbatical

I have had no time to devote to this Sunday page for many weeks now, having rather pressing professional obligations and a well-deserved personal break interrupt the flow. Honestly, I have been doing tons of research into our dear friend, “Lucy,” who now only anecdotally referred to by Darwinists as our oldest human ancestor. Turns out, though this is less widely known, she is merely an example of an extinct ape, like a chimpanzee.

Since I am not quite ready with the Lucy fraud, but wanted to continue to contribute, I thought I would take some time today to speak on Creation in general and continue the series to its conclusion beginning next week. What has been on my mind recently is the way in which the Christian worldview has been so severely compromised.


More than 90 percent of Americans have faith … in something. About 80 percent claim belief in the Christian God. Most of us say that our faith is a precious, important thing in our lives—and so it can seem strange that more Christians do not defend their worldview.

I think the problem has do with something called sanctification. A very basic definition of sanctification is that when one is sanctified, one is set apart. Now, that implies an elitism and an exclusivity that tends to go against the very nature of America’s concept of egalitarianism.

The thing about being exclusive is that “truth,” by its very nature, is exclusive. It is an intrinsic property of truth to be exclusive. The truth excludes anything and everything, in point of fact, that is not true. Let that bake your noodle for a nanosecond. Just ponder it with a purpose. Muse for a minute.

I think that secular culture with the introduction of Relativism in the Postmodern age has been very successful in muddying the waters of exactly what truth is. How many times have you heard there are no black and whites? Everything is some shade of gray. Nothing is completely cut and dry. Your truth might be true for you, but that isn’t true for someone else … and so forth.

The fruit of that belief system is that the profound and enduring nature of the truth, the transforming and obliterating truth of the good news found in the Gospel for example, is then equated as no more and no less valid than some pagan belief in the movements of stars and planets, or a belief in soil and twigs and scum-covered ponds to hold some mystic qualities in directing our lives.

I think by and large, Americans have at least partially accepted Relativism as valid. Dare I sound conspiracy theory minded enough to proclaim that this acceptance occurred through almost methodical and highly structured gradual programs of indoctrination in which the public school systems have participated as willing accomplices for more than half a century?

The problem with buying into the Relativistic school of thought is that Relativism is not TRUE. I am not saying that the Gospel is true and Relativism is also true and that some truths are more equal than others, I am saying that there is only one truth and it is, intrinsically and without argument, exclusive. And that truth rests firmly on the crown of and in the innocently shed blood of the Risen Christ.

Let’s say someone accuses you of something — racism for example. The truth is that you are not a racist. But the truth according to your accuser is that you are. Does your accusers belief that you are a racist in any way change the truth of the fact that you are NOT a racist? Is his truth equally true when compared to the actual truth? Do you see just how conflicted and without even a hope of logic Relativistic thought can be?

The bottom line, in this scenario, is that one of you is right and one of you is WRONG and that is truth. One of you knows and believes what is TRUE and one of you assumes and believes what is NOT true. As you can see, the truth is exclusive and by its nature excludes falsehood.

The Truth

I think that due to this illogical and false acceptance of Relativism, American Christians have let a lot of the foundations of their worldview fall by the wayside. Biblical roles have been discarded and Biblical responsibilities and duties have been abdicated. Sanctification, living a life that is pure and fully devoted to serving God’s purpose is no longer sought as the highest human achievement.

The Christian worldview is meant to be one that fully accepts the TRUTH of God’s holy word. We do not compromise scriptural truth with notions that are not tested, not proven, not authoritative, and by and large the (very often fraudulent) artificial constructs of seriously fallible man. As Christians, we are called upon to be sanctified — set apart — in our beliefs and our behaviors. One tenet of sanctification is that we accept on faith that the Bible is the inerrant, infallible, inarguable, authoritative, and completely true word of the one true living God.

CreationThat means, if something man says contradicts scripture, we should not go about trying to figure out just how scripture must have gotten it wrong — we better be about the business of figuring out how fallible man messed up in his calculations. That means when fallible man starts off with hundreds of thousands of years, then a little over a million, then millions, then billions of years — all a trail of errors interestingly enough — instead of wondering how the word of God could have so messed up the timeline, we better splash some cold water in our face and consider the source. One source is fallible man and the other is God. Which source do YOU find more trustworthy?

God has called upon believers not to have a spirit of fear. Why are we so afraid to defend our beliefs? Are we so afraid to take a stand for what is true? In God’s holy name, why? Are we afraid that we will be mocked? Be not deceived, beloved, God is not mocked.

God has called upon us to live a sanctified life not to serve our own ends, but to serve His purpose. Do you live in such a way? Are there impurities in your worldview that are compromising your entire belief structure? Do you believe you are rich soil or thorny soil?

The Christian worldview accepts the facts of God’s Creation as recorded in scripture as an exclusive and explanatory TRUTH because it is written in God’s holy word and spoken into our hearts by our heavenly Father. So what are you afraid of?

God Bless you and yours.


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